Andrew Goes to the ER

Stephanie took our 8 month old baby Andrew to the ER about an hour ago. He got a penicillin shot a couple days ago to treat his strep throat and tonight he was getting sort of blotchy so we figured we should get it checked out. Just to make sure there is no allergic react happening.

Ever notice how our minds have a funny way of racing ahead and creating what-if scenarios, usually with negative scenes unfolding, when we face a crisis? I am no different tonight. While praying for Andrew I thought about the fact that we have no life insurance for him. Also I wondered, "If he did die where in the world would we bury him?" Next thought: "If I died, where in the world would I be buried?" (For the record-when I die don't waste land with my body. Burn it up. I'm getting a new one anyway.)

How do you decide where you want to be buried? These are not fun thoughts to have. Please keep the Drew-man in your prayers.

*Update: Allergic reaction, he was treated and should be fine.