Be Ready

I do a lot of driving around in the retail development where my store is located. As I am driving I am usually wearing me work uniform. And when I finish my errands I park my car not far from my store.

Yesterday I had a situation where a guy thought I was coming into his lane and he honked at me. I slowed down and let him go by, giving him a sarcastic wave and head nod. As I pulled of I thought to myself, "How stupid, that guy might follow me or have seen my uniform, and I could have cost myself a customer!" (Sadly I've blogged those thoughts before). But my next thought was about myself as a follower of Christ.

When I was in full time ministry I was much more conscious about what I said and did because a) I didn't want controversy in the church over debatable things, and b) I didn't want someone to not attend our church because of me. But since I have been out of ministry there have been times where the idea of wearing a uniform and winning 'customers' for Christ has slipped my mind.

It was convicting to think that I care more about my behavior because of my fast food business than I care about making my God look glorious. Then this morning I read this. Jesus seems to be teaching that our lives should always be about making God look good and living in such a way that Jesus is honored. The weight of this hits home in verse 47 when Jesus says that the person who knows what God wants and isn't doing it is likely to get a UFC style pounding from God when he returns.

I need to be more conscientious that my Saviour is returning any time and so my life better be on track with His word as much as possible.