Cheese Curds for Mother's Day?

When I took the job as General Manager of the A&W last September I told the owner that I would make a firm commitment not to work Sundays. Since I am required to work 50 hours a week I knew that I would need Sundays to recharge, enjoy my family and find some peace. So far that arrangement has gone well; so well in fact that today is the first Sunday in nine months that I have had to be at the store in the morning.

The reason I'm here today is because many of the employee took Mother's Day off. Unfortunately as the GM I have to pick up the slack. This sucks for my wife because today is supposed to be her day to rest from her motherly duties, but I am planning on making that up to her tomorrow. It is pretty slow at the store today - maybe because most moms don't want their special day to include a trip to the fast food joint for chili dogs and cheese curds.