Introspective Inventories

Filling out application forms, updating resumes and writing cover letters sucks. Stephanie is pursuing a couple things right now and all the paperwork is a major hassle. There is this feeling that the future hangs on every word. The positive of it all is that many of the application questions force a person to evaluate personal strengths and weaknesses and passions and skills.

I don't think these kind of introspective inventories don't happen enough. Most people are out of touch with who they are. Rarely do you find someone who can articulate their passions and desires and skills. Added to that is the difficulty of speaking positively about what we perceive as our talents.

It would be a good exercise for you to grab a journal tonight and answer a few simple questions....

1. What am I good at?
2. What do I enjoy doing?
3. What can I do better than most people?
4. What skills do I bring to a work?
5. What types of activities energize me?
6. What kinds of things drain me?
7. If I could do anything, what kinds of things would I do?

I think that knowing the answers to these questions top of mind would really benefit you in not only a job search, but also as a general guide to what you give yourself to over the course of your life.