Life is a Roller Coaster

Life is a roller coaster. It is an old adage that is ringing true in my life right now.

Everyday brings a new twist and turn of thought, disappointment, possibility, challenge, dream, frustration, and hope. The future looks bright, then future looks dim. The odds seem favorable, suddenly they're wiped away. All the stars seem to be aligning, chaos dominates the horizon.

I don't feel like I've lived in this kind of turbulence since sometime during college and it is not easy to click the seat belt and enjoy the ride. There is a loss of control in that. I don't know how long the climb is or when the upside down parts will end. The speed and uncertainty can be frightening.

Soon I'll look back amazed at how quickly the ride is over and I'll marvel at how the whole thing held together and moved along the track exactly as its Creator designed it to.

I know this and this are true, but until the ride ends my stomach will occasionally be in knots and my hands will be holding onto the handles.