Love Equals Time Together

This week our three year old Jacob has been having a difficult time with his daddy being gone so much. Some of the primary ways he has shown his disapproval is by having a negative attitude and being very disrespectful with his mouth. This has taken a toll on his mother.

There is a strong connection in Jacob's mind between time together and love. Earlier this week he asked my wife, "Why is Daddy never home? Does he not love us?" It broke my heart to hear that. I can only imagine how detrimental it is to a child's psyche when they don't get to spend large amounts of time with their parents over an extended period of time during their adolescent lives.

Jacob doesn't understand that I am working hard to pay bills and hopefully give us the chance to get a new house. In fact, he doesn't really care about a new house. Spending time playing with his Dad is far more important to him than having his own room or having a fenced in backyard or having new clothes that match. He doesn't care about anything more than he cares about being with mom and dad.

Funny that 2,000 years ago Jesus would say something like this.