The Nerve of Some People

A man in his 50's came into the store around 9:45 pm. After ordering his food he asked me what time we closed. I informed him I'd be locking the doors in about 15 minutes.

Next he asked what I was going to do with some extra hushpuppies sitting in the food warmer. I told him I could probably throw a few extra in his bag for him.

He thanked me and proceeded to ask if he could have something to drink while he waited for his food to cook. I replied that he could have a glass for some ice water. But as I was cleaning the counter I watched him to make sure he only got water because I was thinking to myself that he probably wanted some free soda.

Then, after turning my back for a couple minutes to pack up his food, when I handed him his bag I realized that he had refilled his water cup with soda. I could tell because under the cover the liquid was dark brown like Pepsi. It made me so angry that I wanted to say something really sarcastic like, "Here's your food. Have a great night. Enjoy the hushpuppies you mooched and the pop you are stealing!" But I said nothing and just let him leave; I decided a guy like that isn't even worth it.

Besides I was trying to do the same thing, oh wait a second, that was when I was 16!