Today the pastor talked about finding rhythm. He quoted Ecclesiastes 3 and the idea that there is a time for everything. He focused on Sabbath and making sure that we slow down. He challenged us with questions like...
  1. Do you know your rhythm?
  2. When you think best? When you serve best?
  3. When to do more? When to do less?
  4. Do you know when is your best time to connect with God?
Jesus knew the answers to these things. Jesus knew about rhythm. After big ministry events he took time to be alone and recharge with his Father. Read about it.

I have been living out of rhythm lately. Letting life run me, rather than me running life. I need to make some time to slow down, listen, reconnect, recharge. I need to rest. Physically yes. But much more wholistically.

By the way...anybody who has Mark Buchanan's book The Rest of God....if you don't want it anymore, please send it to me. Thanks.