Thoughts on the Decline of Societal Intelligence

A few weeks ago I was talking with a friend about the decline of modern language and the increasingly small amount of word range that people possess. An example of this would be the enormous overuse of the words awesome and nice. While I was lamenting this thought my pal argued that a majority of people in the past probably spoke with about as little sophistication and linguistic range as the majority of people currently do. Maybe so, maybe not.

This is not going to sound good but...

Today while I was walking to the mailbox at work I was pondering the possibly detrimental effects that limited family sizes among elite families in America could have on the intellectual repository of our country. It seems to me that some amount of intelligence and intellectual ability is passed on genetically. So, if this is true, the decline of births in intelligence rich households, coupled with increases in births among those in not-as-intelligent households, could lead to a society filled with intellectually defunct peoples begetting more and more of the same until the gene pool is so deluded that the entire intelligence quotient of the nation is drastically reduced.

Just some thoughts...

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