Tony Dungy Interview

Yesterday Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy was interviewed on a Minneapolis sports talk radio station. I was blown away with the humility, wisdom, composure, faith and gentleness that Coach Dungy exhibited. He answered all kinds of questions about football, coaching, parenting, the grief of losing his son, fame, leadership and faith. I really learned from Dungy's words about his coaching staff being like a family, and the fact that their consistent time together (for many guys 6 seasons together) has built a level of trust that enables Dungy to delegate much of the responsibility for coaching different parts of the team.

Drills home the idea that TIME + TESTING = TRUST which may lead to SUCCESS.

At one point the conversation turned to a question about Dungy's 'religion' and 'spiritualism.' The talk show host, a spoken out agnostic at best, questioned Dungy about the possibility of God somehow 'choosing' the outcome of last year's Super Bowl. Making the question more complex is the fact that opposing coach Lovie Smith is, like Dungy, a professed Christian. Dungy's answer was gracious. He described his belief that our culture defines success in terms like winning and losing, but that his faith motivates him to play hard and coach hard, but that ultimately his responsibility is to glorify God and bring honor to God's name. Dungy expertly took the focus off of the outcome and put it back on the Almighty.

After the interview ended the talk show hosts keep commenting on how Dungy is such a 'breathe of fresh air' in their industry and how much they enjoy talking to him. They commented how he always been like that through out his career and how different he is from so many other athletes and coaches. I just wish they could find the deepest meaning and reason for Dungy's attitude, his loving relationship with Jesus Christ. You can listen to the interview by clicking here and scrolling down to "5/1 - Interview with Tony Dungy."

May God continue to bless and use Tony Dungy in the world of sports.