The Tragically Hip

I just got home from watching my favorite band perform in Minneapolis with my friend Chad. The band is little known in the US but they are huge in Canada. Their name is The Tragically Hip.

The lead singer in the group is more than mildly entertaining to watch on stage. He sings, dances, rants between verses of songs, and has a very unique style. Plus he can do some amazing things with his mic stand. Really love the way lights are incorporated into the show.

Here is as many of the songs as I can remember from the set (I'll post the whole set list when it comes online)...

World Container
1. Yer Not the Ocean
2. The Lonely End of the Rink
3. In View
4. The Kids Don't Get it
5. Family Band
6. World Container

In Between Evolution
7. It Can't be Nashville Every Night

Phantom Power
8. Bobcaygeon

Trouble at the Hen House
9. Gift Shop
10. Springtime in Vienna

Day For Night
11. Grace Too
12. Nautical Disaster

Fully Completely
13. Fully Completely

Road Apples
14. Little Bones

Up to Here
15. New Orleans is Sinking
16. Boots and Hearts