Watching the Old Man

When I played open hockey as a high school and college aged kid there was always a guy at the rink who would have his kids with him. If they were old enough they'd be on the bench, otherwise his wife would be with them in the stands. I always assumed the old guy wanted to show off his dwindling skills to the family.

Yesterday I became 'old dwindling skills guy.'

A old friend of mine looked me up online a couple weeks and invited me to play on his hockey team. It has been great. I love the sport and am very grateful that Stephanie has given me some free time to play. Last night I had an early game and so the whole family packed into the van to come and watch Dad tool around on the ice.

It was fun to score a goal for my kids and wave to them from the bench. They were running around on the bleachers having a blast. Unfortunately they missed my second goal and my time in the penalty box because Mom had to take them aside for a spanking. The reason - they were spitting over the railing onto the lobby floor! That makes me laugh because I can only guess the amount of times I was involved in long distance spitting like that. There seems to be something about gravity and saliva that demands testing!

Thanks for coming to support me guys. I love you!