What My Kids Would Say on Mother's Day

I am sure many blogger will be taking the opportunity today to publicly brag up the special women in their lives. I am no different. Sometimes I wonder what my kids would say if they could fully comprehend and articulate all that Stephanie does for them. I'd bet they would say something like this:

My mom is the best because....
- she always gets up at night to help us when we're sick
- she takes us garage sailing and buys us Toy Story and Clifford toys
- she sits in the driveway while we ride our bikes outside
- she takes us to Taco John's for potatoes and cheese
- she brings us to the park and the play land
- she takes the time to listen to us
- she prays with us when we are scared
- she is more patient than Daddy
- she reads us books over and over again
- she makes us lunch and dinner almost everyday
- she shows us how to blow bubbles, and write letters, and color pictures, and get ourselves dressed, and how to sing the ABC's when we wash our hands
- she brings us to church so we can hear about Jesus
- she works outside our house at night so we can have some extra money
- she cares about how we look when we leave the house
- she loves Daddy and keeps him happy
- she gets my bottle and feeds me every night, keeps my diaper clean and dry, does amazing/ disgusting things with Q-tips, lugs me around all day (from Andrew)
- she buys us treats like donuts or slushies when we run errands
- she is full of laughter and fun
- she doesn't run the house like a dictator and is more concerned with happiness than cleanliness
- she holds me when I am hurting and kisses my bruises
- she reads her Bible and prays to Jesus for strength and guidance
- she wants to celebrate us and create memories we can have forever
- she never gives up on our family, no matter what Daddy does
- she watches movies with us
- she lets us cuddle with her in her bed
- she sings to us and dances with us
- she helps us cut out shapes in play dough
- she tries to be the best mommy that she can be

Mommy, you do so much for everyone in our family. Without you we would be a major disaster. We love you so much and we appreciate all that you are. You are the glue that holds it all in place. And we are blessed to have you in our lives. Never question the positive impact you are having on our futures. Have a wonderful Mother's Day. With love and adoration,

Jacob, Isabelle, and Drew (with a little help from Daddy)

*All of the themes expressed by my kids are things I could say 'Thank You' to my own mother for as well. Happy Mother's Day Mom!