He's Only Going To Use Me More

Steven Furtick is sharing some quotes on his blog that have impacted his life in powerful ways. Here is an except from a recent post...

As Clayton was trying to talk me into moving to Boiling Springs and living off my speaking honorariums and love offerings instead of taking one of the 3 offers I had to go make a salary at some pretty large churches, he said something that pushed me out of the boat:

Steven, the best is yet to come in your life. God is only going to use you more."

Anyone who has been through a major life transition recently can relate to the intense fear that threatens to paralyze you as you try to figure out what to do next.

I related very much with this post because, gosh, I live in that fear almost everyday. After all that my wife and family and I have been through during the last 16 months, I find myself constantly wrestling with questions of doubt and feelings of despair regarding what to do next. I wonder how/if God is ever going to use me again. I don't know most of the time what things to pursue or where God's hand may be involved.

My trust in God's goodness is high it is just that there are times when I really hate not being able to see all the pieces put together in the puzzle. And I feel like I have all these abilities and talents locked up inside myself and I can't figure out how they are all supposed to come out. There are days where I feel like I'm floundering back and forth in a fog-filled sea, not really sure which shore I should be headed for to dock.

But I find hope in how Steven ends the post....

I thank God for Clayton, who reminded me at an all-important crossroad in my journey to anticipate that the best is always forthcoming as I follow Christ in faith.

If you are stuck in a portal of uncertainty right now, be encouraged.
God’s calling on your life has not diminished.
Jesus has gone before you and prepared a future of blessing and impact.

He’s only going to use you more.

And he'll use me more.

But maybe he could do it sooner??????????????