Leadership Challenges

Recently I have come to hate the end of the month. The reason: we do inventory and calculate some monthly financials at the restaurant. Things haven't been going so hot here in the last few months and it bothers me. As the General Manager I believe that the responsibility for the store's success ultimately falls on me, and I take it personally when the store doesn't do well.

When I started I had a bunch of excuses that I could use to explain things. "I'm new to this." "I didn't hire these employees." "I am picking up someone else's training failures." Etc, etc. But now that I am nine months into this thing, those old excuses don't work as well anymore and I am starting to question my leadership capabilities.

I feel like I have done my best to hire good kids, to train them well and to trust the people I work with. It is difficult to completely release the feeling of responsibility, but I don't know what else I can do. Motivating high school kids to work in a QSR (quick service restaurant) environment like mine is difficult. Added to this is the fact that the prototypical student who applies here is different from many other places.

The positives I see...
- We have a clean store
- The employees do a good job of being polite and friendly
- We have great tasting food that you can't get many other places

The negatives I see...
- It takes too long for the food to cook
- Our prices are pretty high
- We have some newly hired, inexperienced employees

- The area is growing with more and more restaurant options
- We don't have a drive-thru

Any thoughts?