The Lockers

Disclaimer: Sometimes I blog for you, the reader. Sometimes I blog for me, the author. This is one of those personal things that for some insane reason I feel like making public - maybe the sharing of my journey will inspire you in yours.

This is a picture of some lockers in my garage. They caught my eye yesterday when Stephanie and I were sitting in the driveway talking and watching the kids play in the yard. In this picture I saw a metaphor of sorts for my life.

First look at the yellow lockers on the right. They are old, rusty, metal and filled with all kinds of sporting equipment and cobwebs. My dad got them somewhere years ago and when my parents moved he gave them to me. In many unflattering ways these lockers represent my life 2 years ago. Here are some key words as they relate to the lockers and my life...
compartmentalized - everything has a place and can be structured, things are organized, separated and in order
hidden and secret- things can be hidden and buried in a locker, some doors can stay closed for a long time
closed off - you don't get a full picture of the contents of the locker, the doors can be open and closed at the owner's choosing
stuffy and stale - the venting system is small and poor, not much fresh air can get in and not much dirty air gets out
rigid - the metal frame and doors make this very heavy, very solid, and immovable
The picture on the left represents the person I am desiring to become. The light-weight structure is made of colorful plastic. Some friends were throwing it out so we thought we'd grab it. Here are some words that describe the person I am striving to be...
open - there are no doors to conceal the contents, nothing to hide
vented - the top and sides are open square holes so air can move about freely inside the unit
malleable - this entire unit can be dismantled and reshaped, or resized depending on the situation
colorful - multiple colors are fun, exciting, not so stern
organized - the large compartments still exist, but they are open and resizable
I was amazed at the similarities and differences of these two units. They are side by side reminders to me of the work God is doing in my life. As an ISTJ I will always be somewhat structured, compartmentalized, and private. And yet, I can grow to be open and honest with my wife and my close friends. Plus, as I live in God's righteous light and as I lean into accountibility with goldy men, I can be free of the temptation and sin that closes the doors of my soul.