Random Thoughts and Updates

- I was out of it for most of the day Sunday with a nasty cold. Nose was running like freaking Niagra Falls and the sinus pressure was ridiculous. Major thanks to Stephanie for keeping the house going. I'm feeling much better today.

- Loving the 91' Honda Civic hatchback I semi-bought from my parents. 40 mpg is sweet right now!

- Our sweet Isabelle flushed Mommy's cell phone down the toilet today. We had to dismantle the toilet and use a coat hanger to retrieve the phone after the kids went to bed. Weird not being able to call Stephanie all day. You don't realize how much you use something until it is flushed away.

- Still waiting to hear back from people on things that could have a major impact the way we experience life. Waiting stinks.

- Had to turn down some free tickets to a conference I was really excited about. Really want to be good stewards of resources right now and felt like someone in vocational ministry at the time deserves the tickets more than I do.

- I haven't preached a sermon in over 15 months and I am really missing it. Right now I would probably drive 100 miles just for the chance to preach. I'm serious. Email me if you need a Sunday off.

- Jealous of my sister we is doing an internship at Mosaic church this summer. Put in a good word with Erwin for me Carrie!

- Stephanie and I celebrate 5 years of marriage in a couple weeks. Can't believe how time flies. Can't believe we already have three kids. Can't believe she has stuck with me through all the junk. I better come up with something good.