Aiming For The Bull's Eye

I am waiting to hear from Target this week for a potential interview. My brother works for a Target store in Minneapolis and he has connected me with a few people. It is amazing how many people work for Target. Since I have been talking about it I'll bet I could make a list of at least 15 people I know who are associated with Target in some way.

I am hoping to get a position as an Executive Team Lead. This is an in-store management position where I would lead a certain department of the store. From what I can discern Target is a responsible, top notch employer who takes good care of their team members. The position I am hoping for would be a challenging step up from my current management role which excites me. Also, the benefits of the position are attractive and would help to relieve some of the current pressures facing my family.

Stephanie and I are cautiously excited and optimistic. Please pray that I hear from the district recruiter today or tomorrow, and that I don't choke on my tongue trying to have a conversation with her. And also pray that God would be clearly leading us along if this is the path he has for us. Thanks.