Boys Need to Be Taught To Be Men

Last night we had an employee who didn't show up for his shift at work. He didn't call either. Just left us hanging without him. So, he's done.

This is the second time in a month that we have had to fire someone because they didn't show up for work. In both cases the kids were boys I hired, had hopes for, worked extensively with, gave second chances to, and fought for with my other managers. And they burned me.

I'm amazed at the short sightedness kids have regarding their futures. They are so caught up in the here and now, in hanging out with their friends, that they don't put any thought to how the choices they are making today are going to impact them tomorrow. Because of the way they handled the job at A&W, they have blown any chance of a positive reference from me.

Sadly, from what I can discern, much of these young kids behavior is a reflection of the example, or lack there of, they are seeing at home. This makes me all the more convinced of the need for the church to teach young boys how to be godly men. Mark Driscoll does this regularly in his teachings and I appreciate that aspect of his preaching ministry immensely. In an increasingly fatherless culture, the teaching needs to start when the kids are young and continue all the way up through adulthood.