Moving Forward

By the time many of you read this it will probably be too late, but I would ask you to pray anyway.

Some background - last Thursday, frustrated from not hearing back from Target, I decided to search a few ministry job sites, looking for something that might be a good fit for me. I was very excited to see a job opening at a church in MN. The job looks like a position that would be fun and creative and stretching at the same time. The technical requirements of the position are a little beyond what I have previously done, but it is all something I would be interested in learning - so I applied.

Some older background - almost 12 months ago, after being on a 6 month leave from the ministry where I served, I came to the difficult decision that it would be best for my family and I if I resigned from my position as Associate Pastor. It was clear to me then, and has been made clearer since, that were some significant areas in my life that God needed to work on before I could continue in pastoral ministry.

Currently - Praise Jesus for his faithfulness. While the last year has been difficult for us God has continued to stand by us and hold us when we couldn't stand. So, now I look towards the future. I think about church work all the time and I miss it daily. I don't feel called back to pastoring just yet (though I know it is my future if I keep walking the path of growth I am on) but I really wish I could work in the church environment again. So, while I am excited about the professional possibilities Target offers - not to mention the idea of never cooking a fish or cheese curds again - I am praying that God moves in the ministry position I applied for.

Tomorrow morning (Friday) the church will be reviewing resumes and probably deciding which candidates they would like to meet. I want to be one of them. So please pray. Thanks.