Weekend Recap

On Saturday my wife and I went to the Macaroni Grill for dinner with our friends Jon and Emily. We've known them since college and Emily does our taxes every year so we took them out to say thanks. Then we hung out at Starbucks for awhile, talking and playing cards. We had a free babysitter so we took advantage of the chance to stay out a little later than normal.

Yesterday we a family day. After church (Open Door) in the morning we ran some errands. Then, when lunch and naps and a disappointing Twins game we done, we did some browsing at Barnes and Noble and Pier One before eating Chipotle for dinner. We are at the point now where we have to buy food for all three kids; freaky stuff, especially considering that Jacob eats 3-4 quesadillas by himself!

Next we went to a church service in Edina at The Upper Room. I'm pretty excited about a position I applied for at the church (Technical Arts Director), so I wanted to visit and say hello to the Creative Director. He was a real nice guy and we had the chance to chat quick between services. Stephanie and I didn't know there was no kids programming at the 7 pm service so we only stayed for the singing time. Jacob and Izzy knew some of the words to the song Mighty To Save and they sang along. It was really special to stand with our kids and hear their little voices ringing out to heaven. Plus, we ran into a friend we hadn't seen in a long time, which was nice.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Hope you had a good one as well.