Rain Is For the Birds

This afternoon we had some serious rainfall for about an hour. When it was finished I happened to look out the window and see some 7 or so birds walking through our yard sucking up worms. It reminded me of this verse, which then forced me to entertain the idea that just maybe God caused some rain to fall on the ground today so that his birds could have an easier time finding some lunch. Have you ever thought about that before? That God sends rain for things like that? Seattle must have some severely hungry birds. But I digress.

Being in the middle of some streching times right now where we are trying hard to discern the hand of God, just the thought of him sending rain for the birds was comforting. If my God cares that much about those stinking blackbirds, then, as his image bearers, he must care quite a bit for the well-being of my family and I as well.

Oh that God would deepen my faith so that all my joy would be wrapped up in the delight of his goodness. Tomorrow I will begin the week with confidence knowing that I am not alone in this life, and though God's plans and purposes may occasionally seem hidden, they are still good. And I will strive to internalize this truth. And this one too.