Savoring Starbucks

During my drive to the bank this morning I realized it had been a while since I enjoyed a cup of Starbucks coffee. I decided to indulge myself and I am loving every sip of it. Unfortunately I can't completely indulge without some tiny amount of buyer's remorse. I have heard to many preachers (probably been one) who hammer on people about drinking expensive coffee while the world starves - notwithstanding the fact that coffee beans provide income for many farmers around the globe.

Today I had a thought. How about preachers take a moratorium on dissing Starbucks on money Sunday, and they start hammering the parents who spent thousands of dollars on food, hotel, and SUV gas driving their kids around to play sports? Or, how about we focus on the money that gets spent on fertilizer, mowers, sprinkler systems, and lawn care products in the name of having the greenest yard in my neighborhood (which is really about pride anyway)?

What other things would you say are a bigger waste than coffee...I'll try and think of some while I savor another sip.