Weekend Update

It's been a great, long day. After church my wife went gung-ho and decided to rent a carpet cleaning machine. I wasn't completely jazzed about the project but Stephanie and an amazing friend of ours cleaned all the carpet in the house! It was sweet! Thanks AF.

Note: We're hoping to get the house on the market August 1. To all the Negative Nancy's: we know it is a tough time to sell but we feel the call of God to move and we're trusting him with the details!

In the meantime, I spent 3 hours in the garage cleaning, organizing, packing, and sweating my butt off. The kids loved it all. They swam, played baseball, rode bikes, and generally caused major havoc outside all afternoon. To end the night Stephanie cooked a fantastic spaghetti dinner and then the family all went to McDonald's for ice cream.

We're tired but we had a great day.