• Our house is now officially on the market. You can check out the listing here. Props to my babe for all the hard cleaning work she's done.
  • Stephanie recently took a PT position at our church. She will be bringing in the big bucks as part of the facilities team (a position I held for a month last August).
  • Stephanie may have an interview with Bethel University next week.
  • I have an interview with Target next Tuesday. This is a big one so please pray.
  • No word from Upper Room on the Technical Arts job. I emailed the guy on Tuesday and he told me they were making calls and sending out letters this week. I received neither.
  • Our restaurant has a new owner. Great guy. I'm still ready for a change.
  • Still can't believe the bridge collapsed on Wednesday.
  • Our close friends are renting an Excursion and bringing Stephanie and I to the Notre Dame football home opener first weekend of September. Yeah!
  • Andrew is almost 1 and Jacob is a month away from turning 4. Yikes. Time honestly does fly.
  • I'd love to go to one Twins game this summer. Looking for free tickets and a babysitting donation. :)
  • The Bourne Ultimatum opens today. Wish I could go see it with this guy, who claims to share some similarities with Bourne himself.
  • Thinking a lot today about the fact that the Bible seems to indicate God coming to get people rather than people coming to get God.