I Like God, It's His Fan Club I Can't Stand

I was listening to the radio on my way home from work today and I heard a talk show host talking about a guest he is planning to have on his program next week. The guest is a writer for the LA Times who used to cover religion for the paper. He no longer does so because he claims to have all the religion sucked out of him after having to cover so many negative stories related to organized religion.

In clarifying about the guest the producer of the radio show made an interesting comment. He said, "It is not that [the writer] doesn't like God anymore, he just doesn't know about the people in God's fan club." I listen to this radio show often and I know that the host and producer have a very low view of God and church and religion, so it struck me when the producer made this comment. Reminded me of something Erwin McManus says, "The greatest enemy of Christianity in the US today is Christians."

Brothers and sisters, our life says a lot. Live it right, live it righteous, and live it loud.