Much Has Happened in the Last Year

Today was my second to last shift at the A&W. At this time tomorrow I will be enjoying a glass of wine and reflecting at all that has happened in the past year. I actually started thinking about it tonight and the list of things is quite staggering.

I am just three days short of working in the restaurant world for one year. Coming out of college I would have never dreamed that I would be 27 years old and working in 'fast food.' Yet I see clearly now how God's strong invisible hand was directing my steps all along the way.

The last year has been an incredible time of self-discovery and reckoning. I have made confessions, faced past mistakes, identified things that trip me up, begun healing and growth processes, and challenged past patterns of thinking and being.

I have made some great new friends and I've seen the world from outside the Christian bubble I spent most of my life occupying. I have a better understanding of what life is like for people who are economically, intellectually, racially, and spiritually different from myself. I really value that.

My skills and resume as a leader have been bolstered. I wonder, had it not been for my A&W management experience, if I would have gotten my new position with Target. It is amazing to see how God brought all the pieces of this career change together.
  • My brother's lack of internship opportunities and his finally catching on with Target based on the mother of a girl he was in a relationship with
  • Jeff's referral of me to his boss
  • My not being chosen for three other positions I sought this summer
  • The sale of the A&W which released me from my commitment to the previous owner
These are only a smattering of the things that have happened during the last 12 months. The only constants have been the providential hands of God, the great love of Jesus, and his continual refusal to never give up on me or let me go. Praise Christ!