Spiritual Growth is A Crawl

Last night I did a lot of driving and I was listening to a couple messages by a dude from this church that have been rocking me (the Salt and Light messages).

One of the things that has stuck with me is the idea that spiritual growth is not a high speed endeavor. In fact, it is more like a traffic jam crawl. Man I hate that. But I know it is true. I have experienced it. I am experiencing it. Change takes time. And usually, I want it now. Not later. You with me?

But think about it. Real growth almost always happens slowly. You can't even see it happening. Suddenly your newborn baby boy is up and walking around. You wake up one morning and your little girl is wearing make-up and twirling around in her dress up clothes. Your first born son is riding his bike and throwing a ball further than you. You step into the shower and your stomach has become a visual impairment to your feet. The same thing is true with spiritual growth. Rarely do we see it happening. We can only measure it as time ticks on.

My problem is that I want to undue 26 years of junk build-up in two counseling sessions and a Bible study. But it doesn't work that way. Think about the disciples. They were with Jesus, in the flesh, for 3 years and they still deserted him when it came down to it. Only years later would their growth and change be shown for what it was, and even then, some of the guys still had junk to work out (Galatians 2:11-14).

There is no way around it. Spiritual growth is a crawl that requires the perseverance, faith and trust to press on believing that this is true.