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Book Review: Peppermint-Filled Piñatas: Breaking Through Tolerance and Embracing Love

My sister spent two months this summer working at Mosaic church in Los Angeles. One of the things she enjoyed was meeting Eric Bryant, who oversees the leadership team there, and from what I can tell, keeps the Mosaic ship going while Erwin McManus is traveling and speaking around the country.

I had the pleasure of meeting Eric last summer and running off some copies of the Mosaic Constitution while I was an Executive Assistant at Bethel Seminary. Seemed like a really great guy; very humble, down to earth and friendly.

My sister brought me back an autographed copy of Eric's first book: Peppermint-Filled Piñatas: Breaking Through Tolerance and Embracing Love. It is a great book that focuses on encouraging Christians to step out of holy huddles and embrace the people around them, in love, for the sake of the Gospel. The book is filled with stories from Eric's own life and reads quickly and easily.

Some things that struck me...
  • all of us recognize the value of people similar to us more readily than the value of those who are different (9)
  • More and more people see Christianity as part of their past rather than as a guiding force for their future (18)
  • The most effective apologetic is love (32)
  • We must go to great lengths to serve and to meet the needs of friends - even to the point of being willing to pick them up and carry them if that's what it takes (40)
  • Where we live provides natural opportunities to engage with others (53)
  • We lie away from the world physically, but out behavior matches that of the world (54)
  • To move out of our rut and routine, we should look to connect with others through a cause, hobby or area of passion (73)
  • For Jesus, serving the Father meant getting involved in the lives of others (74)
  • Those who are most mature in Christ need ti be willing to make the greatest sacrifices (93)
  • "If you want to become a diverse church you need to have friends from diverse backgrounds." (Erwin McManus, 123)
  • We should see beyond someone's skin color so that we get to know the person, but to truly get to know a person we need to find out what being black, brown, beige, or what is really like (125)
  • "As Christians we are to take responsibility for the irresponsibility of others" (Mark Driscoll, 146)
  • Our allegiance belongs first and foremost to God's kingdom. Our heavenly citizenship should always guide how we live our lives and how we treat others as citizens of our country and of our world. (162)
  • The existence of strip clubs, pornography, and promiscuous relationships reveals a brokenness within our hearts, which we try to fix with these dangerous and destructive adventures (176)
  • religion does not work because religion is humanity's attempt to earn God's favor (198)
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