Chasing Bubbles

Yesterday I sat in the driveway blowing bubbles for an extended period of time while my son Jacob chased them down and tried to catch them. It was entertaining at first, and then became very routine as I kept on blowing and as he kept on, unsuccessfully, trying to catch them.

It got me thinking...

There are a lot of things in life that people chase after: career, money, fame, approval, love, material goods, and the list goes on. You could think of these things as bubbles. People spend all their lives chasing after bubbles that pop as soon as people think they have caught them, and when the bubble bursts the routine of chasing starts all over again; it is really a childish game that we play.

The Apostle Paul wrote that he had found the formula for being content in all circumstances. Paul was a dude who came to a point in his life where he was done chasing bubbles. And his formula was this: to know Jesus and him crucified. May this be yours and my goal each and every day as well.