Fast, Fun, & Friendly Churches

One of the foundational things my company strives to be known for is as a "Fast, Fun, & Friendly" place to work and shop. The three F's drive both the way we work and the way that we treat our customers (known always and only as 'guests' in the T-world).

These are three great words for how our churches could work as well.
  • I think that more things in church should go fast; well, at least more often, more quickly. Too many preachers ramble through 4 conclusions, ministry meetings drag on and with some group filibuster like senators, and key decisions fail to be made and acted upon.
  • Church should also be more fun. There is a reason many non-church people think of church as boring...many times it is! Churches should be strategically injecting each service with something fun - like a joke, or a skit, or a video. Anything to make people laugh and smile.
  • Friendly. Hospitality and love and warmth permeate the Scriptures. As followers of Jesus an attitude of friendliness should stream from us to others. Unfortunately a majority of people far from God would define church goers as more unfriendly to them than anyone else is.
Fast, Fun, & Friendly churches. That'd be a change.