It is about who's we are, not what we do

I had the privilege of speaking to my friend's youth ministry students again this morning. They are going through a series called 'Jesus Revealed' where students are studying times in the Gospel of Luke where Jesus is revealed as the Messiah and/ or Son of God. This morning I taught from Luke 3:21-22 and stressed the fact that God is pleased with His son even before Jesus starts his public ministry. I wanted the students to know that it is not about WHAT we do but about WHO'S we are.

I really had a good time, despite the fact that there were only 3 students present (25 were away on a retreat with the YP). If there is a lonelier place to teach than to an audience of 3 fourteen year olds I don't know where it is. However, I believe this was another experience where God was forming in me a greater desire for Him than for the approval of man so I am grateful for it.