Blessed To Be a Blessing

One of my core beliefs is that Christians are blessed to be a blessing. This comes from Genesis 12. Sadly I don't always live up to this ideal, but God has given me a wonderful wife with a huge heart who is constantly showing me how to love others more than myself.

God has really been gracious to our family this month as we have tried to bless others despite our own tight financial situation. One example of this was when Stephanie gave my sister $100 as a thank you for babysitting and so that my sister could buy a new cell phone. A couple weeks later someone randomly gave us $100 so that we could take the kids and have a fun family day.

Another example happened on Monday. I was given the opportunity to buy a TV from a friend for a really good deal. We don't need another TV but I knew that my parents did. With all the money they spent raising my siblings and I things like new TV's always got pushed to the back burner. So I called my brother and we decided we'd buy the TV as a surprise gift for our parents. We don't have much disposable income but I felt God prompt me to contribute a certain amount towards the purchase. Amazingly, the next day I was offered the exact same amount to teach two Sunday school sessions at the church where a friend of mine pastors.

God is amazing! His plans are wonderful and his resources are endless. He will always provide as much as we need and sometimes even more when we are willing to be a blessing in others lives.