Parenting is a Partnership

One small piece of the message I heard at church today has been sticking with me. I don't remember it verbatim, but the main point was this: "[Parents] try so hard and worry so much about raising their kids perfectly, when, in fact, some of the things they consider screw-ups could be God's greatest set-ups to work in our children's lives."

Wow. I struggle all the time with the feeling that I am responsible to raise my kid to be a mature, functioning, respectful, quiet, controlled, sensitive, kind, wonderful, perfect human being. High expectations huh? Just writing that helps me to realize that when I put such a heavy burden all on myself I am bound to perpetually feel like a failure.

Similarly, to just sit back and watch their my childrens' lives unfold without involving myself at all would be just as sinful as trying to control everything. Therefore, it is my responsibility to do all I can to take care of the gifts (children) God has bestowed in my life. But all the expectation is not on me; parenting is best thought of as a partnership between my best flawed efforts and God's perfect plan.