Surrendering My Plan to His

After leaving ministry it took me a long time to come to grips with the truth that the growing I needed to do was going to take a long time. In fact, it took almost 18 months before I decided to stop worrying about my time line for getting back into vocational ministry. During those 18 months I would have jumped at the chance to speak at a retreat or teach a Sunday School class. However, with one exception, the call never came.

This August I believe the Lord led me to a place of surrendering to His plan and being willing to work on His time line rather than my own. I am holding on to the goal of one day pastoring again but I am much more content to grow my career and to further develop in the roles I am presently in. I am focused on learning and advancing in leadership in my new job, and I am less concerned with when I will get to preach again.

The funny part of it is this. At about the same time as I let go of trying to direct my own ministry life, within two weeks I received invites to speak to a Sunday School class two weeks in a row and to speak at a Youth Retreat in October. Funny how God works huh!