Thankfulness In My Store Placement

Working at Target has been great so far. I like my team, I have an experienced ETL mentor who is teaching me a lot, and I am experiencing new things everyday. Plus my fried food consumption is way down and my clothes don't stink to high heaven after work.

The store I am training in is located in an extremely diverse south Minneapolis neighborhood. It is not the store I would have chosen to be in, but I believe that God has me there for at least two reasons.

1) Being that we haven't sold out house, this store is the northern most store in the district I am assigned to which means that it is the shortest drive. I am thankful for this.

2) Many of the people who shop at my store and who work on my team are not people I would normally be in contact with. Middle/ Upper class whites are by far the minority shoppers in my store. The majority of our guests are Somalians Somalis, Latinos, and American Indians; we also have a large number of African Americans in the store. Many of the woman wear head wraps and scarfs called hiijobs. I am thankful because God is teaching me to love and serve people who are very different than me, and he is putting me into unavoidable contact with those whom I wouldn't be around.