Constantly Being Evaluated

I had my final day of in-class business college today. We were learning security from two of the district security leaders. Pretty important guys who, unfortunately, weren't too impressed with some folks in our class.

After they left our business college coach came in an sort of 'tore us' regarding our behavior as a class - one dude even fell asleep in front of these guys. At my company employees are always being evaluated; you are always 'on stage' so to speak. Our coach let the group know that some of us had missed a golden opportunity to leave a good impression on some people who could really help further our careers (thankfully I was not included in that group).

Same thing holds true with Jesus. He is aware of all we do. There is nothing you or I can do that is outside his sight. And he is looking to see if we wish to follow him or not. Be encouraged that he is gracious and merciful beyond our faults, but also remember, out of all the people in this life whom we try to impress, shouldn't Jesus impression of us matter the most?