Derek Lynde Wedding

Had a great time officiating the wedding of my friend Derek Lynde yesterday. Derek is a guy I have known since high school; his dad owns the greenhouse where I have worked for the last 10 years. Besides getting an extended date with my wife (who looked GREAT!), connecting with some friends from high school that I rarely see was my favorite part of the wedding.

It was an outdoor service at the MN Landscape Arboretum in Chaska. The weather was beautiful and the setting idyllic. The wedding had a few bumps beforehand (I almost had to throw down with a self-proclaimed wedding coordinator regarding the chair set-up) but everything was smooth sailing during the service.

The reception was at the Oak Ridge Hotel and Conference Center. It was very elegant. I have never danced as much as I did last night and I hope my wife appreciated it because I felt like a dummy; last night was the only wedding I have been to where the pastor and his wife shut down the dance floor!