Interesting Dinner Conversation

I was sitting down for dinner tonight at my church when I felt like the Spirit prompted me to invite another man in the lobby to join me at my table. After some internal conversation (my introversion was screaming NO!) I went over and asked the man if he'd like to eat with me. He wasn't hungry but he came and sat with me anyway.

The conversation was slow and I was unimpressed with his relational skills. But, one of the major goals in my life right now is learning to love all people where they are at, and so I was using this as a learning experience. Not long after we started talking another man came to the table and introduced himself. It turns out that he works for Lund's Food and so we started talking grocery and Target and a few other things.

Man #1 wasn't too interested so he excused himself leaving just Man #2 and myself. I was amazed as the man revealed to me some of the pain and struggle he has been walking through over the last month. It is much of the same junk I have walked through and I marveled at how God brought the two of us together for that meal. We talked and I listened to his story and shared some of the joys and challenges I have discovered on my own journey. Hopefully he will benefit and be encoruaged by some of my story.