Missing Sunday Church Service

I haven't been in a church service in 3 weeks. In fact, I've only been to 2 weekend services in the last 7 weeks. The scary fact - I'm not sure I miss it all that much. Don't get me wrong, I love joining other Christians and worshiping in song; I also need to hear the Bible taught and applied to my life as much as the guy next to me. But what I don't have at my church is a group of friends to look forward to seeing.

Mostly it is my own fault; reaching out and creating relationships is difficult for me. Plus, I have been operating under the idea that we'll be moving soon, so I feel that our time at this church is temporary rather than permanent. I know Sunday's won't always be this way, but I've secretly enjoyed the change of pace and ability to add a little extra unplanned time for myself and with my family.

For example, today instead of going to church, Stephanie and I loaded the kids in the minivan, got a Dunn Bros. Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha, drove to a park in Otsego, and then ate Godfather's Pizza buffet and played arcade games. Good Great times.