Quick Hits from my Mind

  • Can't believe we have the AC on in MN in October.
  • Can't believe USC lost to Stanford.
  • Congrats to Notre Dame on their first win.
  • Good to see the Grose's today.
  • The Packers are throwing away this game against the Bears.
  • Didn't miss the Vikings playing at all.
  • Seeing my friends at the wedding last night was really fun.
  • I love wearing my suit and seeing my wife in a skirt.
  • Had a great time with the family today.
  • Still can't believe USC lost.
  • Wish Stephanie wasn't at work.
  • My house is pretty clean right now - I love it.
  • Flys are some of the most disgusting creatures I can think of. Typing that makes me feel sick.
  • Way to go Red Sox. World Series here we come!
  • My kids are growing up way to fast.
  • Looking forward to learning grocery.
  • Really praying our house would sell.
  • This is going to be a crazy week between work, Tupperware, and other stuff.
  • My kids are loving preschool. I can't believe they are going already.
  • Life is pretty good right now.
  • Excited about speaking at a Youth Retreat next weekend. Should be a good time.
  • I wonder if USC really lost or if I dreamed it? Nope, pinched myself, I'm awake. Unreal.
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