Speaking at Bluewater Camp This Weekend

A good friend from high school is a Youth Pastor and his students are spending the weekend at Bluewater Covenant Bible Camp. I was blessed to be invited to speak so in about ten minutes I will be leaving to head up to Grand Rapids, MN for the weekend.

My speaking schedule is....

Friday night - The Gap Theory: how our sin separates us from God
Saturday Morning - The Enemy Amongst Us: staying alert for the schemes of Satan
Saturday Night - Bridging the Gap: Jesus is the Saviour who brings us to God
Sunday Morning - Paradigm Shift: following Jesus changes the way we view everything

I haven't done anything like this in awhile and it should be a great three days, but I'm sad to be leaving my family. I wish they could come stay with me but Stephanie has some Tupperware parties on Saturday. Please pray for them and drop by with some Godfather's Taco Pizza if you are so inclined!