Bethel Hockey is Back!

Bethel hockey started again tonight with the Royals defeating the U of M Crookston team 4-0.

JB stats = 1g, 1a, +2

Season Totals:
Bethel 1-0
JB 1g 1a = 2 points

In four years playing at Bethel I never was on the winning end of a shut-out. This year the team started the season with one. Great game to watch. Bethel was all over them most of the night, except the last 8-10 minutes when the quality of Bethel's play deteriorated to match that of Crookston.

My brother Jeff played great, and had a really skilled shorthanded breakaway goal to go along with an assist. His best play of the night however was a breakaway that he missed. He put an amazing move on the goalie that left the tender's jock strap in the stands. But unfortunately he shot the puck wide of the empty goal.

I brought the three kids and was chasing them around while I watched. An older woman commented how brave I was to bring all the kids. I replied that I was a just a devoted brother and fan. When she found out #17 [Jeff] was my brother she said, "Oh, now I know why you come!" That was a cool compliment and gives you an idea of how good a player my brother is.