Identifying Your Values and Voting with Your Conscience

Some men on the radio were discussing faith and politics, paying specific attention to the issue of how evangelicals are viewing Mitt Romney as a Presidential candidate due to his Mormon beliefs, when one of them said something I thought was profound. To heavily paraphrase,

The absence of a strong Christian candidate whose beliefs line up as perfectly as possibly with the 'conservative evangelical right' has forced many evangelicals into the difficult position of actually having to identify their own core beliefs and voting for a candidate who they believe will most closely act in a way that satisfies their religious moral conscience.

I hope you catch the significance and weight of that quote. What the pundit is saying is that evangelicals can no longer simply vote for the person James Dobson or some other national Christian spokesperson endorses. There is no strong Christian republican candidate who represents ALL of the major evangelical issues and this makes many people uncomfortable. It forces people to pick and choice what issues matter most to them and then to vote for the person who might possibly be able to make the greatest impact. And that is a tough thing to do.