Pack It Up and Ship It Out

As you may have read, we are moving to Northfield, MN. The Lord has done some wonderful things in orchestrating our move and without the generosity of our in-laws this move would not be possible. We are very grateful for what we have been given. Truly we are blessed.

It is weird packing up tonight. All week we have been getting boxes ready, but tonight the house is starting to look more and more empty. That feels strange. It is kind of nostalgic and makes me miss my college roommates. I always enjoyed the time during finals when you were packing up your stuff and spending longer than normal just being with your friends.

There are some really great people I will miss spending regular time with after the move. But God is faithful and he has made a way for us, so I know that he will care for us as we move forward and he will care for those we leave behind.