Sampling and Product Evangelism

Today as I filled the same dairy end-cap again and again with butter, eggs, and coffee flavoring I was amazed at the persistence of the older woman sampling some vegetables nearby. This lady had a previously prepared speak that she gave to each guest visiting her table. I couldn't believe how she continued unleashing her sales pitch even when the majority of people completely ignored her.

Then I thought of the Christians whose form of evangelism is similar to this lady's sampling speech. We have all seen or met a Christian who keeps on preaching to each person in ear shot, whether they care or not.

Listening to the sampling woman made me feel both embarrassed and sad for her. I felt anxious for the experience of our guests. It is the same for me with evangelism; I don't want to pepper people with polemical pleas for Jesus. True, the woman sold some product (just like some street corner preachers will win converts) but I wonder if it is really the right approach?