What I'm Reading - Fiction

Blogging content has been hard to come by recently. I work in retail and our biggest financial day of the year is Friday. Plus I have been really busy settling into our new home and trying to work something out to sell or rent the old one. In my free time I have been playing with the kids and watching sports on TV (the cable was live at the house we moved into - sweet!).

The majority of my free time this week has been spent reading a great piece of fiction by Vince Flynn called "Term Limits." Flynn is a native Minnesotan who writes political thrillers with many Minnesota references. Term Limits has been one of those books that have so many twists and turns that you have to keep reading just to find out what will happen next. Every year I get into a groove where I consume the fictional works of an author for a month or two. Last year it was Dan Brown, and this year I think Vince Flynn is my man.