Building a Case from the Pens of the Past

I came across a large quotation of text this morning that stirred in me the need for another addition that must be made to my personal theological foundations undertaking. While there is little contention that the Bible is the very Word of God (though in more current times this belief has been under attack) it has also been long held in the tradition of the church that God continues to speak through the mouths and pens of his people.

Therefore, I think it would be both prudent and beneficial for me to supplement the Biblical supports for my beliefs with the material of proven, long-standing, and widely acclaimed Christian thinks, writers, and speakers. Here is such an example from the pen of Jonathon Edwards regarding the necessity of evil in the world:
There would be no manifestation of God's grace or true goodness, if there was no sin to be pardoned, no misery to be saved from. How much happiness soever he bestowed, his goodness would not be so much prized and admired, and the sense of it not so great, as we have elsewhere shown. We little consider how much the sense of good is heightened by the sense of evil, both moral and natural. (Concerning the Divine Decrees - Christian Classics Ethereal Library)

The entire context for this quotation can and should be read here.