I Hate Afternoon Naps

Jacob and Izzy climbed into bed around 8:45 tonight. It is 10:31 and Jacob is still whimpering and Izzy is talking away. They have come downstairs for hugs and kisses numerous times, had drinks, been tucked and re-tucked in, and have even tried sleeping in the same bed until they got into a fight over a stuffed animal.

I am trying very hard not to FREAK OUT! I hate afternoon naps. They jack up the whole sleeping routine.
They are now standing next to me. I am ignoring them. Jacob is saying, "Can't you hear us Daddy? He can't hear us (to Izzy). Daddy can you hear us?" "Dad, Dad, Dad!" "Can't you hear us?," both kids at least 88 times in a row.
OMGosh, seriously? Now 10:35. I'm bring them back upstairs.

My advice: Use contraception. Always!