Its Tough to be a Kid

I keep having this reoccurring thought about how frustrating it must be to be a kid. It really hit home last night when I tried to put Jacob to bed. We were watching a kids Christmas movie when I decided to cut it short and put him to sleep. He was very upset and pleading his case to see the end of the movie.

It must be really tough to have such little say over what happens. Stephanie and I decide when to put the kids to bed. We decide when and what they can eat. Nobody decides those things for me. I sleep and eat when I want. We decide what we listen to in the car. If I don't feel like kids song, then despite their requests, we listen to something else. We decide what activities will take place and the kids simply have to deal with it.

I understand that as parents we have to make certain decisions. It is our job to teach the kids healthy habits and we have to protect them from making decisions that are detrimental to them. But I feel like I need to do a better job taking their freedom and desires into account. Then they can learn how to make good choices instead of just following along with mine.